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Welcome to Ashley`s Titanic Homepage.
This site contains items/articles about RMS Titanic, J B Ismay, Betty Walker, Halifax, Southampton,
passengers, titanic stamps, photos, hoaxs, facts and fiction, links, past life/lives.

SS Uganda , educational school cruise ship memories, merchandise/gifts.
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Ashleys Titanic Homepage

Last Survivor Of The Titanic Dies Aged 97 
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SS Uganda sea cadets Wales,
Adrian Hughes remembers.

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Here's what people have said about this site.

  "The Website allows people to reminisce about their happy memories, buy genuine souvenirs of the ship,
 and even a book on its history. Like Friends re-United, the website has drawn together people who have some knowledge
 and experience of this remarkable vessel. Many students found their first true experience of romance and love on her decks.
 The website brings back magical heartfelt memories for the many people who ever had any association with this truly
remarkable vessel. "
Read A Chappells` fully article on here.


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