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The Titanic Graves .

An Appeal by Peggy MacPhie for donations,
Halifax Titanic Graves Trust Fund

Fairview Cemetery Halifax , Nova Scotia

A trust fund has been established by the Halifax Regional Municipality for the care and maintenance of the Titanic graves. I'd like to ask that next time you get the urge to pick up the latest book about Titanic by some author looking to make a few bucks or the latest bit of movie merchandise or whatever, you consider putting it off until next pay day in favor of donating a few bucks so that the graves can be properly taken care of and preserved (i.e. weather wear, clearing out movie junk, vandalism, etc....)

unknown child
Erected to the
memory of an
unknown child.
( aged 2 )
The headstone of "the Unknown Child", is in serious need of more maintenance, it's virtually unreadable. I'd like to ask everyone to think about giving maybe a couple of dollars to the fund if possible and spread the word to other Titanic buffs you might know and might be interested.
Before I give the address, I want to make one thing clear: I'm not getting a cent of this, and neither are any of the politicians. It's not going to paving our roads or better computers in school. The museum isn't getting it, It's put away strictly for the upkeep of the 150 Titanic graves.
A tax deductible donation, in any currency, can be made to:
Halifax Titanic Graves Trust Fund Halifax Regional Municipality P.O. Box 1749 Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada B3J 3A5
Thanks so much in advance.

Peggy MacPhie.

Freeman Dawson Talbot King
..to commemorate a
long and faithful service.
The infamous J Dawson grave.
( Trimmer )
Crewman Clerk

Footnote: Anyone visiting these graves this summer on vacation, some advice: look for "Titanic Tours" operated by the tour operators: the 3 hour city tour is only 10 minutes in Fairview Cemetery. If you've got more time to spare, do your own research and walk/cab it, it's cheaper by about 30 Cdn pp.

Photos` © P . MacPhie 1999.

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