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Dine Titanic style.

   The Titanic dining experience.


Would you like to dine Titanic style ?
Well now it seems that you can thanks to 1M Lotto
winner Vincent Kearney. 

Using his winnings and securing extra finance he
has ploughed 2.5 million into The New Yorker
in Cobh in Ireland (last port of call for the doomed liner)
The Restaurant has been recreated in the former
baggage-hall from where 123 Irish passengers boarded
the Titanic on her maiden voyage. More recently it
served as the Dole office that Vincent signed on as an
unemployed electrician.

The restaurant promises identical first-class
surroundings and the same menu as enjoyed by the
doomed passengers. Replica tablecloths, napkins,
crockery, and glassware have been commissioned
from Irish firms who originally produce the actual items.
Items from the liner have also been donated ranging
from silverware to coat hangers.
Even the chef has a Titanic connection in the form of his
great aunt Margaret Murphy who survived the

The restaurant opened on April 11th , 89 years after
Titanic last moored at Cobh.

Oh one last thing to complete the Titanic atmosphere
the building is said to be haunted by the spirit of a
Titanic survivor who lost he husband and five children
in the sinking . 



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