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SS NEVASA (Great Britain )

This is one of the ships used for British India's educational cruises. She is, in effect, a
boarding school at sea, in which the young students learn all about the interesting and
exciting ports at which they will call. Voyages are made to ports in the Baltic and North Sea,
the Iberian Peninsula, the Classical Mediterranean and the North Coast of Africa. Adult cabin
class passengers are also carried. The Nevasa has been used for educational cruises since 1965.

Builders: Barclay CurIe & Co. Ltd., Glasgow

Length overall:     609 ft. 3 in.     Gross tonnage:     21,000
Breadth:     78 ft. 3 in.     Speed:     18 1/2 knots
Total passengers :     1,090 students     Total crew:     376
    +    307 cabin class

Fifty gaily decorated dormitories accommodate the students, who are aged 12 and upwards.
Boys and girls have their own separate sections of the ship, with matrons and masters-at-arms
to look after them, in addition to the educational staff. Lectures take place in 17 class-rooms
and a 450-seat assembly hall with stage and cinema screen. Other accommodation includes a
recreation room, cafeteria, reading room, launderettes and hair-drying room for girls, tuckshop,
games room and photographic developing room. as well as deck space for games and a heated
swimming pool. There is a fully equipped surgery and hospital. Stabilisers are fitted.
As well as doing school studies, the students visit the bridge, engine room and hotel services of the
ship, edit the ship's newspaper and can take part in dances, film shows, concerts, sing-songs,
debates and quizzes. All shore excursions are free.
Cabin class passengers have entirely separate accommodation, with their own sun and recreation
decks. public rooms, bars and dining saloon, but can share in some lectures, entertainments and
shore excursions.
The Nevasa is powered by twin-screw triple-expansion turbines, developing 18,000 s.h.p. The hull
is white with a black band. The funnel is black with two white bands.

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