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 Steamer Saved By Titanic Coincidences. 

 A strange but true thing happened in 1935.

 William Reeves was a crew member aboard a tramp steamer which
 had left the Tyne in April bound for Canada with a cargo of coal.
 She was nearing the far side of the Atlantic when she ran into a
 calm sea and a pitch black night.

 Reeves was on lookout duty and started to become afraid.
 He knew that the ships position was roughly the same as that of the
 Titanic when she had hit an iceberg.

 He also remembered Morgan Robinsons book about the Titan.
 He also reflected that the name of his own ship was Titanian.
 Reeves was sure that his ship was in grave danger and that
 he could save Titanian by ringing the alarm bell.

 But he hesitated deep in worry, because this was after all just
 an unfounded fear, but then he remembered that he was born on
 the 15th of April 1912, the same day Titanic herself sank.
 Now he felt sure and signaled, "Danger Ahead".

 Titanian stopped just in time ,a huge iceberg looming just ahead of
 her in the darkness , and the ship itself surrounded by an ice field.

 Ice breakers from St John`s Newfoundland were needed to
 rescue the ship.

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