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Southampton the memorials.

View from Town Quay
View from Town Quay car park.

Ashley`s Southampton Guide.

A Visitors Titanic Guide.

On your arrival in Southampton follow the signs for " Old Town / waterfront ".
An ideal place to park if you are in a car is on the Town Quay, ( limited public parking at far end of quay ).
Enjoy the fabulous view across the docks , Titanic berth 44 is just over to the East.

Leave Town Quay then turn left or cross the road and follow the old town wall, past French Street and opposite the Royal Pier , on your right you will see the The Maritime Museum / `The Wool House` (Closed down 2011 Titanic artefacts now displayed in `Sea City http://www.seacitymuseum.co.uk/)

Maritime Museum

You will no doubt want to see the Titanic exhibit first so head straight for the stairs ( opposite the entrance not the ones to the left ), and take a deep breath before you reach the top, as the first thing you will see is "Honour and Glory Crowning Time" , the centre piece of the Grand stairs , from Titanics sister ship Olympic ( carved by Charles Wilson ). It sent a shiver down my spine the first time that I saw it , just stood and stared at it for ages.

The exhibition includes many items from the survivors of the disaster such as a watch which stopped at approximately 2:20 am
Blankets , Captain Smiths ceremonial sword , letters written from aboard Titanic , buttons from crew uniforms , stewards keys ....

Letter written by Captain Smith`s steward Arthur Paintin (lost). As seen on display in Southampton`s maritime museum.

On board Titanic , Queenstown ________________________________________________________11/4/12

Dear mother and father,

........ I am sorry I could not get to Oxford, for we have now commenced the quick voyages all summer ( bar accidents ). I say that because the Olympic`s bad luck seems to follow us , for as we came out of ........
( only one side of the letter is visible, but the rest of the letter probably refers to the near collision with the SS New York as Titanic left Southampton.

I`ll not list any more items as the real pleasure of the exhibition is in the discovery of the wide range of Titanic related artifacts. So you will just have to go and see for yourselves.

After looking around the museum, have a look at their gift/bookshop which is well stocked with one or two books that I`ve not seen anywhere else. Here you will also be able to pick up your free copy of " Walk Southampton`s Titanic Trail",which I used as my guide around the memorials. Also worth getting is the photocopied leaflet " Titanic Southampton and district information sheet " ( 30p ), which contains a more detailed list of the memorials.

Holyrood Church Memorial.

On leaving the Maritime Museum turn left pass French Street , turn left into High Street until you come to Holyrood Church. ( on your right at the junction of Bernard Street.)
Church also has memorials for Merchant Navy / Falklands.

Holyrood Church. Holyrood memorial thumb
Holyrood Church
Click on image for larger version.
The Memorial
Click on image for larger version.

Inscription on memorial.
This memorial was erected in memory of the crew ,
stewards , sailors and firemen, who lost their lives in the
SS Titanic disaster April 15th 1912.
It was subscribed for by the widows , mothers , and friends
of the crew.

" Alderman Henry Bowyer Mayor 1912-1913.
( Removed from original site in Cemetery Road , 15th April 1972 )

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