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Titanic Toddler named.

( by Stephen White)

A child victim of the Titanic buried for 89 years in a grave marked "unknown",
will have his name added at last.

DNA tests show he was 2 year old Eugene Rice, who died with his mother Margaret and their family in the 1912 disaster.

Distant cousin Des Norton 29, said :

"It`s 99 percent positive the body is Eugene`s but we are waiting for one
final result to confirm it."

The body of Margaret, 39 was recovered with Eugene`s but they were buried
separately in Nova Scotia, Canada, because it was believed he was a
Swedish woman's child.

The toddler`s body was exhumed for tests after Titanic expert Dr Alan Ruffman
was convinced he was Margaret`s

He advertised in newspapers in Ireland, where she came from, and a woman
relative came forward to give DNA.

Des of Glossop, Derbyshire added: "We will push to have Eugene reunited with Margaret in the same grave. That would be a wonderful end."

UPDATE 6th Nov 2002.
"Experts" (from Canada's Lakehead University ) now believe that the Unknown child is in fact Eino Viljami Panula (13 months old at time off sinking)
Who along with four brothers and his mother died that night.
The mother Maria Emila Ojala, and her five sons were traveling
from Finland to join her husband John Panula in Pennsylvania.
So who is the real unknown child ?
If the first results were wrong then who`s to
say if the mystery has now really been solved.  

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